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Welcome to 9G Driving, where your dream begin to became a safe, comfort and responsible motorist with one to one coaching.

You choose 9G Driving specifically for Automatic vehicle, training with hands on experienced coach with comfort of training/coaching and motivational ability with price and quality assured.

  • A to Z driving skill courses for every people
  • Courses are developed by professional driving instructors
  • Motivational ability with value for your money and quality assured.
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Our Courses

Automatic Driving Sessions
£40/ hour

How to became a safe motorist with safe, Comfort and responsible on road.

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Refresher Training
£40/ hour

Those you think getting rusty due to busy lifestyle not enough time for enjoying driving for a while or away from homeland with international license but have less or rusty knowledge about current areas. Please contact us.

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Motorway Training
£45/ hour

Getting a grip on motorway driving is an essential skill for any UK motorists. Without full knowledge of how to deal on calm, capable and safe on these roads cannot be possible to explore more in GB

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Passplus Training
£40/ hour

Our consultants believe in the value that you manage your regulatory compliance, policies, and procedures.

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Intensive Training
£45/ hour

Based on the candidates level of knowledge, we need to assess their requirement of training.

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Why Choose

Why Choose 9G Driving School?

Lessons when you needed

All coaching is tailored on basis of client's expectations and best result. 9G Driving offers special times for specific days and special test day based to ensure that you get most out of a session.

Fast and effective learning style with cost effective way

Everyone learns and understand differently and my lesson plan to reflect your personality and capabilities to get maximum out of every penny you use with 9G Driving.

Passionate driving instructor

Myself Ranjith Mony GK, who qualified MSc E business and MBA, Wales University, U.K. I love teaching and coaching as a passion and acquire skills and knowledge as always a motto, enjoy learning and sharing knowledge with my client as motivate my students along with my 26 years of driving experiences and with different aspects of job, life and journeys. I love motivating clients with facts, situations based examples, fun and relaxed sessions as always. Not afraid to put miles to drive until they are confident and learn for life.


Steps to get license


Choosing A Driving School

First of all, Choose the best Government approved Driving School and get trained well.


Driving Basics

Learn every driving basic and get vehicle based instructions from experienced instructors.


Road Test Preparation

Practice Will Make You Perfect. Practice your driving skills, remember the road rules.

Our Instructor

Ranjith Mony G K

Ranjith is a highly experienced car driving instructor in the UK. He has been teaching individuals of all ages and backgrounds how to drive for many years.

Ranjith began his career as a driving instructor after obtaining his ADI (Approved Driving Instructor) certification from the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA). He started his own driving school and quickly built a reputation for his patient, calm, and effective teaching style.

Ranjith is known for his ability to create a comfortable and stress-free learning environment for his students. He understands that learning to drive can be intimidating and works to ensure that his students feel confident and empowered behind the wheel.

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